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Double Tulip Wine Bottle Top
Double Tulip Wine Bottle Top

16.00   12.00 (Including VAT)

The wine bottle top holder, fits four taper candles in four adjustable tulip holders.
Wine Bottle Top Holder Set

19.95   16.00 (Including VAT)

114mm saucer stand in silver
Candle Pillar Stand (114mm)

5.00 (Including VAT)

Cellar candlestick in black.
Cellar Candlestick

16.95   14.95 (Including VAT)

Santa's Sleigh Nightlight Holder
Santa's Sleigh Night Light Holder

24.99   19.95 (Including VAT)

A gold celtic spiral pillar stand.
Celtic Spiral Pillar Stand

9.95   7.95 (Including VAT)

A black celtic spiral wedding unity stand
Celtic Spiral Wedding Unity Stand

26.00   24.00 (Including VAT)