A black spiral wedding unity stand.
A black spiral wedding unity stand.A silver celtic spiral wedding unity stand. (Candles sold separately)

Celtic Spiral Wedding Unity Stand

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There are many different meanings regarding the celtic spiral or swirl. To the ancient inhabitants of Ireland, the spiral was used to represent their sun. A loosely wound spiral represented the large summer sun while a tightly wound spiral represented the shrinking winter sun. Other prominent meanings include birth, growth and unity.

This is a standard wedding unity stand suitable for a center candle up to 8cm in diameter and two 2.2cm taper candles. Check out the features tab above for more specifications. On request this stand can also be purchased in the colours ivory and white (to make a request call us (+353 (0)91 766187 or send us an email we would be very happy to hear from you!)

Stands & Holders Specifications

  • Black Black
  • Gold Gold
  • Silver Silver

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